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Name: Marcel Stalder
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Markus Meier - Guitar

Marcel Stalder - Bass

Philipp Greter - Organ, Keyboards, Melodica, Dubs

Julian Dillier - Drums, Percussions





Level: Pro



The new heroes of the spaghetti western are from Switzerland and they are riding their monster dub through the urban jungle of the 21st century. These four outstanding instrumentalists live and breathe their passion for dub and electronic music through riveting live performances!

They have worked with the Hamburg-based dub label Echo Beach since 2006, and to date the collaboration has produced seven albums. Another equally prominent protagonist on this project is the Munich sound and dub specialist Umberto Echo, who for the past two years has regularly accompanied the band on tour and who performs on the mixing desk as a fifth instrumentalist. Echo does echo and Echo knows what it takes to keep the cowboys in the saddle, letting them trot for hours and hours.


Deep Dive Dub (Echo Beach 2014)

Physical Echoes (Echo Beach 2016)

Burroughs In Dub (Echo Beach 2014)

Live In Dub & The Victor Rice Remixes
(Echo Beach 2013)

Too Big To Fail (vs UMBERTO ECHO)
(Echo Beach 2012)

The Clashification Of Dub (Echo Beach 2011)

Riding Strange Horses (Echo Beach 2010)

Return Of The Supercops(Echo Beach 2007)

Nitro (Echo Beach 2006)




Sep 23 Frauenfeld (CH), Kaff *
Sep 24 Glarus (CH), Holaestei */**
Okt 21 Koeln (DE), Underground *
Okt 22 Neu Tramm/Wendland (DE), Raum 2 *
Okt 28 Biel (CH), La Coupole */**
Okt 29 Luzern (CH), Suedpol */**
Nov 10 Kassel (DE), Schlachthof *
Nov 11 Leipzig (DE), die naTo *
Nov 12 Frankfurt a M (DE), Das Bett (with Senior Allstars) *
Nov 25 Zuerich (CH), Moods (with Victor Rice) */**
Nov 26 Sursee (CH), Kulturwerk 118 (with Victor Rice) */**
Dez 01 Muenchen (DE), Feierwerk *
Dez 02 Berlin (DE), Badehaus *
Dez 03 Marburg (DE), KFZ *
Dez 16 Offenburg (DE), Spitalkeller *
Dez 17 Muenster (DE), Gleis 22 (with Senior Allstars) *

* with Umberto Echo at the mixing desk
** featuring Bruno Amstad on vocals

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DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL - Deep Dive Dub (Official Video). Video by Guido Henseler, from the album: Deep Dive Dub (Echo Beach 2016)
Datum: 02.09.2016
Dauer: 4:50
Golden Parachute (Live)
DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL - Golden Parachute (Live). Live Dub
Datum: 20.08.2014
Dauer: 4:08
Armagedeon Time (Live)
DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL - Armagedeon Time (Live). Live Dub
Datum: 20.08.2014
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DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL - Jeanny. Nr. 1 c-tube Charts #96 (24.03.2010). Das Kultlied von Falco in der ultimativen Dub-Version von DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL!!!
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