Empty Promises (Live Cut)
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Amtlicher Sound, den ihr hier präsentiert! Einzig das Video scheint in seiner Beliebigkeit mit ein paar Slo Mo's und Old Style den starken Eindruck der Komposition zu verwaschen: ihr rockt wie die Hölle, aber der gesamte Zusammenschnitt ist so dermaßen beliebig... er trifft weder die Energie de Musik noch die Message des Stückes, zumal der Schnitt und die Inhalte der Bilder durchgehend asynchron sind. Dem Image einer Band finde ich solche Videos eher abträglich. (ML)
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Hallo, hier ist The_CRIMSON.
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The Crimson is a part of Metal Hammer's UK free CD at the latest issue #194, Aug. 2009 with "Memories"!

Horns up & Check it out!

Metal Hammer presents: Razor - The heavy hitters
1. Killswitch Engage - Reckoning
2. Devildriver - Pray for villains
3. Lamb of God - Set to fail
4. Heaven & Hell - Bible Black
5. Dream Theater - A Rite of passage
6. CKY - Hellions on Parade
7. Obituary - Payback
8. The Ghost of a thousand - Runnin on empty
9. Forever never - Broken Kingdom
10. Viatrophy - Seas of storms
11. Aghast! - Bang to rights
12. Of the I - Single units
13. Godsized - Fight and survive
14. Estorica - Scream
15. The Crimson - Memories

Role: Songwriter


TheCrimson consists of five musicians drawn together by their love and passion for powerful, melodic music. All TheCrimson members already gained musical experience in various projects reaching from blues up to extreme metal and have already proven their musical skills on stage as well as on recordings.


The story of The Crimson started in the beginning of the year 2008, when Michael Sauermoser (guitars) and Andreas Zeller (drums) decided to seek for musicians to form a new band. Soon Thomas Stock (guitars) and Thomas Iberer (bass) joined and by February Andreas Juwan (vocals) finally completed the lineup.


With the combined power of five well experienced musical individuals, which each spent several years as parts of the Austrian underground music scene, including an uncountable number of live appearances all over Europe and numerous releases with mostly well remarked Austrian bands by both – critics and fans – TheCrimson entered their rehearsal room and went on with writing songs. Unsurprisingly, they made a quite quick progress in merging their different musical influences into The Crimson and just some months after getting together they entered studio in order to record their 6-track debut EP "Buried Memories" in July 2008.


The music found on "Buried Memories" (released 03/2009) can be described best as a modern kind of Metal, combining elaborated Songwriting and ambitious Arrangements. Melodic elements alternate with powerful riffing, kept together by driving rhythms. Lyrically, dealing and coping with loss, disappointment, broken dreams and frustration comes to the fore, expressed by vocals that sing, shout and scream out what has been buried inside for far too long.


Stay tuned!




1. Cold
2. Memories
3. Empty promises
4. Dead end nation
5. Nightfall
6. The truth

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Empty Promises (Live Cut)